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The Promise of Women and Families

Mission Statement

The Promise Program empowers women to live a full life of recovery through honoring
their purpose as they heal, build safe connections, and discover their strengths.

Promise Program

Mother and child

The Promise of Woman and Families Program is a gender specific treatment program for women that treats substance use disorders for adult women in an outpatient setting.

The Promise Program was designed and started its treatment services in 2002 to meet the unique needs of women in Utah County.  Since then it has excelled in providing services that specifically focus on women’s issues in recovery and providing an environment that is both safe and healing.  Due to the success of the Promise Program and ever-expanding need for services it provides, a second campus was opened in 2007.

Through all the changes and growth this program has experienced, the constant foundation has been, and continues to be, a commitment to empowering, nurturing, and helping women to achieve recovery and a life with sustained purpose and meaning.

Getting Started

To attend the Promise Program, you must first be screened to see if your patterns of chemical use warrant the level of care and services that this treatment program provides.  You will need a brief screening where you will meet with a licensed counselor who will assess your needs for treatment.  If it is determined at this screening that you meet diagnostic criteria for substance abuse treatment, the counselor will refer you to the Promise Program and provide you the necessary information to attend Promise at that time.

See Substance Use Screening for more information on starting the treatment process.


The Promise program provides onsite child care services for client’s dependent children ages 0-6. Children may attend this service while their mother is involved in any individual or group services during the treatment program.

The Promise Childcare provides a well-rounded program designed for child care of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers along with young school-age children (ages 0-6). Realizing that each child is unique, our program provides a warm, accepting climate in which each child can learn to trust, feel comfortable, be secure, and develop self-confidence. Our childcare program provides:

  • A bright, stimulating environment designed to accommodate a variety of activities
  • A wide rand of interesting equipment, toys and materials selected for specific developmental stages of children
  • An experienced, competent staff, continually renewing their skills in child development through training

Our program provides a developmentally appropriate program where children are able to grow as individuals in a loving environment as they master the skills of childhood. We offer an enriched program meeting the highest standard of early childhood development. Our program is designed to work with parents through involvement in the program. Also parenting case management meetings are available as part of our program to help educate, train, and install positive parenting skills for the mother for her child(ren).