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Foothill ResidentialSpanish Fork

Foothill is a residential facility which offers co-ed treatment, as well as separate gender groups to address their unique treatment needs. Detoxification treatment and self-help groups are provided in a live-in, safe environment.

Promise Program (North County – Orem & South County – Payson)

Research shows that women with children do better in treatment if they bring their children with them.The “Women of Promise” Program addresses specific needs such as child care, primary healthcare, transportation, housing, education, and employment, along with gender-specific treatment.

General & Intensive Outpatient – Provo HJB

Day Treatment is from 9am-12pm and Night Treatment is from 6pm-9pm.General Outpatient treatment is 1 to 8 hours per week.Intensive Outpatient treatment is 9-20 hours per week.This includes individual and group therapies, skills development, and case management services for practical problems of sober living.Recovery Management is also available.

OUT (On-Unit Treatment) ProgramSpanish Fork

The OUT Program is in the Utah County Jail.It is a collaboration between our department and the Utah County Sherriff’s office and Security Center.This program combines substance abuse intervention with counseling for criminal thinking and behavior.Inmates of the security center may participate voluntarily or may be court ordered.There are separate tracks for both male and female.

Grandview Youth TreatmentProvo

Grandview Youth Treatment is an outpatient youth treatment facility.The work to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of substance use among the youth in Utah County.They do this by supporting change with our youth and their families one day at a time.

Drug Court and DORA Programs - Provo HJB

Drug Court and DORA Programs are some of the most innovative and effective recovery programs available for drug and alcohol treatment.Utah County Drug Court and DORA Programs are managed collaboratively between the 4th District Court, the 4th District Juvenile Court, the Division of Child and Family Services, Utah State Adult Probation and Parole and Utah County Department of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment.

ATR (Access to Recovery) and PATR – Provo HJB

Access to Recovery is a program that provides vouchers (funding) to specific clients for certain recovery support programs. ATR is designed to provide eligible clients with a choice of services and community service providers to assist them in initiating and/or maintaining recovery.

UCAP (Utah County Alternative Probation) – Provo HJB

UCAP is a program that provides case management for individuals identified as Low/Med Risk and Need.  The UCaDDAPT works on a team with two deputies and a case load of up to 36 clients.