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Eliminating Alcohol Sales to Youth (E.A.S.Y.)


Senate Bill 58 passed during the 2006 General Session requires that anyone who sells alcohol at an off-premise location (Grocery store, gas station, convenience store) has to completed the state certified EASY training within 30 days of hire. We are one of the providers of this mandatory training. 

During this class, attendees learn the following

  • Dangers of underage drinking
  • The history of the EASY law and program
  • State, county, and city laws governing the sale of alcohol
  • Who they can and cannot sell alcohol to
  • What types of ID’s are valid for purchasing alcohol
  • Who to properly check ID
  • How to refuse an alcohol sale
  • Consequences for unlawfully selling alcohol

Cashiers do not have to be trained by us. We are just one the available providers. A list of all the certified EASY training providers can be found here:

For more details and schedule see the 2019 Training Schedule.

EASY Reduces Underage Drinking

Underage Alcohol Possession and Consumption Arrests
Sources: Alcohol Possession and Consumption Referrals in Utah County, U.S. Census Bureau

The EASY program is one initiative in Utah County that is working to prevent underage drinking. Examples of other underage drinking prevention initiatives include public awareness and education (, community coalition and collaboration work, alcohol retailer display and placement, and advocacy for healthy alcohol policy. These efforts, along with EASY program, and decreasing youth alcohol possession and consumption referrals in Utah County.